UPDATE:: 4/30/23

If it's listed, we still have fabric to create additional masks. Thank you to those who donated, and supported us through these tough times.



As a part of an effort to keep our community safe we've made a huge effort to provide free masks to front-line workers and affordable quality masks here on our website.

We have given over 250 + volunteer masks to local hospitals and clinics.

We can handle bulk orders and provide free shipping until 6/26/2020.

Bulk orders can be placed in the mask selection drop down box. 

If you need special accommodations be sure to leave a message in the notes section of your order. 

If you are requesting Bulk mask order of 25+ masks, we'll create with a discounted rate and an invoice will be supplied to you.


For mask with out a nose bridge, you have the option or washing on gentle cycle at 40C and air drying flat, low heat iron. 

For masks with nose bridges, gentle hand-washing, laying flat to dry is recommend. This helps to maintain the structure of the mask. Do not bleach.


Where are they made?

All masks and products are produced in the USA in a smoke free, and pet free environment.

Do you make larger masks to cover an N-95?

Yes, we can handle accommodations of a 2-3 layered breathable cover for an N-95.

Do you have other mask color options?

Yes. Go to "Products" and select "Face Masks" to view our selection or click : FACE MASK COLLECTION.

How small do you make the masks?

Our min. age requirement is 3 and above.  Measurement min. 4" length x 6" width. The masks curves on top of the nose. For adults, the max size is 6.5" length x 8" width. 

Contract us for special accommodations/measurements.

What's the purpose of the masks with nose-bridge closure?

This allows air to flow through the mask and not up and out from the top of the mask. This is a great feature for those who wear glasses, and for those who want extra-protection. 

Can I order in bulk? 

Yes. We currently have discounted bundle sets available for our triple layered mask option.

Contact us to do a larger order for you.

What if I forget to select a design?

We can accommodate design updates up to 48hrs.

Mask designs will be randomly selected if the request /note section is left blank.

Add Option # 1-6 as long as they're listed available.

Ex. #2 & 4 ( which will come standard adult size)

Need a larger size? Just add M/L to the note.

Do you have any of designs coming for the summer that are bright/colorful?

Do you have any other mask designs?

Yes, they will uploaded to the website shortly.

Currently using what materials we in stock which are 100% cotton and wax prints in to stay afloat. 

We are accepting donations which help to purchase sewing materials for mask donation and to keep providing quality masks online.

Why should I wear a reusable mask?

Their cloth face covering protects you.

Your cloth face covering protects them.

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings while in public settings.

Wearing a triple layered reusable mask is not only protecting you but it is a responsible way for a creating better a environment. Disposable masks may be convenient but many end up tossed on the streets. Our masks are a Eco-friendly option and quite stylish!


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